Nutella and Bananas in Phyllo


Can I let you all in on a little secret?

I hate Halloween.

Hate is a strong word, and I don’t use it very often. But I spent the majority of my childhood being absolutely terrified of Halloween. So much so that I would miss school for days on end, staying up all night physically sick from thinking about ghosts, witches, vampires- you name it.

Sounds intense, right?

It was. Continue reading Nutella and Bananas in Phyllo

A Tale of Two Seafood Cities


Hey ya’ll.

I said ya’ll because this post is inspired by the great city of New Orleans, and “you guys” just doesn’t fly there.

This past weekend was a doozie for us folks here in Atlantic City. We had all kinds of stuff goin’ down in town, like the return of the Miss America pageant (and the parade!), the AC triathlon took place, and my favorite event of the year, Atlantic City Seafood Fest! Continue reading A Tale of Two Seafood Cities

Thai one on

I’ve been doing a lot of overindulging lately. It seems that every other day there is a new reason to celebrate:

Anniversaries! Birthdays! End of summer! Engagements! Weddings! Babies! Girls night! Double date night! Family visiting! Friends in Town!


I see nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life, but sometimes when I’ve had a little bit too much of, well, everything, I crave a meal that is light and cleansing. So tonight, rather than hitting the town, I’m bringing you a second blog post for this week with not one, but TWO recipes. Continue reading Thai one on

Homemade Ricotta & A Pizza Box Full of Figs


The Tuesday after Labor Day is sort of a big deal around here. Living in a coastal town that draws in lots of tourists for the summer, everyone lets out a big sigh of relief when this day comes around each year.

It’s not that we have anything against the tourists, or “shoobies” as they are more commonly known by the locals.  Its just that by the time mid-August rolls around, most locals have had enough of the crowds, the traffic, trash on the beaches, and sometimes less-than-friendly attitudes.

But its the shoobies who make this such a fun and bustling place to be in the summertime. Without them, many of our restaurants, bars, markets, and shops couldn’t survive on local business alone, and that’s essentially why many of them shut down in the off season. Continue reading Homemade Ricotta & A Pizza Box Full of Figs

La Tomatina and yet another way to enjoy bread with tomatoes


Beautiful architecture. Charming countryside. Scenic coastline. Tapas. Sherry. Paella. It’s a pretty magnificent place.  But…

I’ve never been.

Coming up in a few weeks in the little town of Brunol (near Valencia) is the annual city-wide tomato fight, La Tomatina. Every year during the last week in August, a huge festival is thrown celebrating my favorite vegetable (ok, it’s a fruit), the tomato. And on Wednesday of that week, a massive tomato fight takes place in town, where over 100,000 tons of over-ripe tomatoes are used to plaster the buildings, flood the streets and paint the participants red with all of their tomato glory. Continue reading La Tomatina and yet another way to enjoy bread with tomatoes

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Ok, I know.

I said there were going to be a lot more posts about tomatoes. Don’t worry, they are coming.

This post just couldn’t wait.

Its a post about my happy place.

Its a post about where I live, and how we spend our weekends this time of year.

Its a post, if you couldn’t tell, about cheeseburgers.

beach 6 Continue reading Cheeseburger in Paradise

So.. I started a blog.

A few years ago, I set out to start a blog. A food blog! I was going to call it “Too full for school”.. clever.. right? No, it was a ridiculous name for a food blog. Very cheesy.. and no one would “get it”… And my writing- terrible! And heck, what do I know? No one would want to read what I have to say.  Plus, where will I ever get the time to keep up with regular posts?? I came up with more and more excuses not to write a blog. So I never did.

But guess what? Something came over me in the past week, and I decided, dammit, I’m starting my blog.  With friends and family constantly asking me for cooking tips and recipes, I figured there is at least some interest! Right? I owe it to them. And I owe it to myself! So here I am. Self consciously writing a tell-all, food-filled, time-consuming, grammatically incorrect, politically incorrect, perhaps even culinarily (i know, its not even a word) incorrect blog. And maybe, juuust maybe, you’ll stick around to read it. (please?) Continue reading So.. I started a blog.

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