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Warm, Cheesy Bacon Dip

Tomorrow marks the first Sunday in Febrary, which means millions of Americans will gather around their televisions for the biggest sporting AND television event of the year. My mom always referred to it as the “Stupid Bowl,” and it’s been the name I’ve used ever since.

Football just ain’t my thang. But I’ve always loved Super Bowl Sunday and other football related events because as much as they’re about the big game, they’re also about drinking beer and stuffing your gullet with as much junk food as possible. Any excuse to get together with my friends and do that is something I can get behind.

Chicken wings. Nachos. Jalepeno poppers. Fried things.

Warm. Bacon. Dip. Continue reading Warm, Cheesy Bacon Dip

Julie’s Detox(ish) Kale Salad


What’s not to love about a  holiday completely dedicated to eating?

It’s the best! Thanksgiving makes me feel some type of  way.

But I don’t always love the way I feel after a weekend spent gorging on too much sugar, butter, carbs and wine. It feels so good in the moment – and I’m all about living in the moment – but sometimes it leaves us feeling less than our best when its all over. Continue reading Julie’s Detox(ish) Kale Salad

French Tomato Tart

unnamed (5)

It’s official: I no longer have a kitchen.

I know, man. It’s a lot to wrap my head around.

Last week, I woke up dreaming about this beautiful French tomato tart that I had made a few years ago. You guys dream about food, too, don’t you?

It had a crispy, buttery crust, tangy Dijon mustard, perfectly ripe tomatoes, and big rounds of creamy goat cheese – that to the unknowing eye looked a little more like seared scallops than cheese (oops, sorry Chaser). Continue reading French Tomato Tart

Spanish Kale Salad

Spanish kale salad

Now that winter seems to FINALLY be behind us, I got around to planting my spring garden this week. I planted all sorts of goodies: English peas, sugar snap peas, green beans, RAMPS, chard, kale, butter lettuce, arugula, mesclun mix, Romanesco cauliflower, broccoli rabe, strawberries, and a whole mess of herbs. Yay! I’m super stoked to be growing again. Continue reading Spanish Kale Salad