Introducing Coley Cooks & the Big Kitchen Reveal!!



Remember about a month ago when I told you I had lots of cool new stuff in store for 2015? Well, here we are! I’m finally ready to let you all in on the big scoop.

I’m beyond excited to be Introducing Coley Cooks, my new brand and format for documenting all of my latest ventures. Rather than having a bunch of different names for all the different stuff I’m doing, I decided to put it all under one roof.

I’ll still be posting up the same goofy stories and tantalizing recipes, only now you’ll find them here rather than on Too Full For School.  And not to worry, if you we’re subscribed to the blog before, you’ll still be receiving e-mail updates, only now from Coley Cooks!

So, heres the catch! (sigh – there’s always a catch!)

To see the new blog features and the big reveal of our new kitchen, you have to head over to to see it!

(click here, and it will take you!)

See ya there!

3 thoughts on “Introducing Coley Cooks & the Big Kitchen Reveal!!”

  1. Congratulations on the new site! Looks fantastic. Love your recipes (whenever I use them, someone always asks for the recipe and I send them your way) and your fun outlook on cooking. Can’t wait to keep on reading 🙂

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