Food Network Star Episode 2: Coley’s Recap

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bizarro world family ❤

Hey guys!

Episode 2 is now under our belts, and I’ve got just a few things to say about it.

The best part about episode #2, by far, was that I got to watch it at a bar in Brooklyn with a few other Season 10 cast members, a couple FNS alum, and even some old friends from home (we go WAY back).

Man, ok. So, like.. think about this: You have to teach Alton Brown to cook one of his own recipes.

But you’re not teaching the normal Alton Brown. Not the one that you know has a vast knowledge of food and cooking techniques.

Nope. You get to teach an Alton Brown that’s playing an over exaggerated, klutzy novice cook.

Not as easy as you might think.

one minute to look over the recipe Source:

When it was my turn, I knew I had some good information to give, but I was just soo dang nervous. Being up there, teaching this celebrity chef, who you KNOW knows more than you, and trying not to sound dumb.


When I watch now and hear myself speak, I cringe at how obvious it is that I am purposefully trying to curb my Jersey accent.

It sounds stupid, and weird. Like, I think I’m Madonna or something.

Sometimes when I leave my South Jersey bubble, people comment on my accent and it makes me a little self conscious.

Because, well, I’ve never thought the local accent here is exactly the prettiest. Moving to Louisiana gave me a bit of an accent identity crisis. But I’ve been living back here for seven years now, and I’ve definitely got a bit of that South Jersey slang back.

But man, I gotta get over it. Because I just don’t sound like myself when I try to curb it.

I need to own my Jersiness.

Fancy seeing you here, Alex! Source:

The same thing happened in the elimination challenge. I was trying to do the best I could to make up this dish on the fly, to teach it and give tips, and to tell stories without leaving a second of dead air. It took every bit of concentration I had, and I wasn’t exactly having a blast while doing it.

Seriously though, my hat’s off to Lenny, because he was craaacking me up with his one liners. He was super entertaining AND informative in the kitchen.  It was very impressive.

I, on the other hand, was just nervous. It was stressful. I was a hot mess in my head, but was doing everything I could to keep cool as a cucumber on the outside.

It worked! I didn’t seem a mess.

I just seemed boring.

the invisible robot & lady robotta, aka squid & guacamole

One thing they didn’t show in my segment, was when I talked about how cous cous reminds me of my older brother, Frank.

Frank has autism, and only enjoys a very limited number of foods. And cous cous just so happens to be one of them, so I always keep it on hand to make when he comes over. I was really hoping they would show me talk about my brother on tv- he would have gotten a real kick out of it!

Luckily I can talk about him here and no one can edit it out.

Hey Frank!!

Anyway, I guess I didn’t look like I was having much fun, because, well, I wasn’t.

Sometimes in life, you need to be reminded to have more fun.

It sounds silly, but like my girl Emma said, “that’s great advice, thank you.” 😉


This was a really tough challenge and I think all of us left that day thinking “wow! If this was the SECOND challenge, then what the hell do they have in store for us next?” It doesn’t seem like the challenges can get a whole lot harder.

When Luca walked through the door in elimination we were all SHOCKED, as you could tell by my reaction. He had KILLED it in the first week, so it just didn’t make sense that they would get rid of him so soon. Even if his performance was really bad, we all thought the mentors saw enough promise to give him another chance.

Seeing Luca go home was yet another wake up call. Suddenly we all realized that it didn’t matter what happened in the last episode. This competition is about progress, and if you screw up today, you don’t get a shot at tomorrow.

Well, at least on the show. You still get a shot at real life.

boys in the bottom source:

Luca truly is the kind and genuine soul that you see on the screen, and we were all sad to see him go. But, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t also a bit relieved. This guy was a big threat, and we all felt like we now had a better chance of winning as a result of his elimination.

Little did we know, he gets another shot!

Luca learned quickly from his mistake and nailed his performance this week in Star Salvation. Could he be the one to come back into the competition?!

Stay tuned to find out.

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do OR dine? We’ll take both, thanks.

6 thoughts on “Food Network Star Episode 2: Coley’s Recap”

  1. Nicole, own that Jersiness, girl! It is who you are and who people want to see….

    You rock, for many reasons, one of which is including your brother Frank in your thoughts and comments. You all are a great family.

    Here’s hoping you cooked and worked that camera ’til it hurt!

    Caroline (Mary Marie’s OLDER sister)

  2. Love it! Your Jersey accent is fine! We are all so proud of you win or lose! You have more fans in Gloucester than you think! Have fun with it. The whole family is very proud of you!!

  3. Nicole, you’re not North Jersey, you’re South Jersey. That’s a whole different story. Let it shine!
    Love watching you, I look forwRd to it every week.

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